It was nice to see that the Dallas safeties did not find it necessary to blow out 6’6″ Martellus Bennett’s knee to get him to the ground. It was a great night all around in Chicago and no carts needed. It sure would be nice if hoodrats like T.J. Ward would comprehend that instead of basing an excuse on the infinite wisdom od Roger Goodell and the rules committee. If any reasonable person breaks it down Gronks severely altered future is tracked down to post concussion litigation and Ward’s total lack of respect for anyone other than himself. “Given the option to give up 2 to 4 more yards and save $7 to $15 grand, I’ll go ahead and end someone’s season / career… while causing 8 to 12 months of pain, rehab and loss of mobility. I am aware injuries are part of the game (see Wilfork, Volmer and Mayo) but seeing is believing and intent was displayed!

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